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A Peaceful Revolution

The Gbagyi also spelled Gwari or Gbari are known by nature as peaceful, transparent and very accommodating people. The Hausas of Nigeria as a way of reaching a peaceful resolution would say “muyi shi Gwari Gwari, “let’s do it like the Gbagyi” or “let’s do it the Gbagyi way”.

In his book about the Gbagyi people writer and historian Theophilus Tanko Chigudu writes, “the Gbagyi people have emerged as a unique breed among Nigerians, their culture shows how much they have come to terms with the universe. Daily they aspire to give life a meaning no matter the situation they find themselves”

Some neighboring Hausa/Fulani emirates frequently enslaved the Gbagyi people. A world famous Gbagyi also known for his negotiation skills during his military service and as Head of State is General Ibrahim Babangida.

Nigeria naturally turned to this unique ethnic group when time came to move the capital from a congested and overpopulated Lagos. Nigerian leaders and planners of the new Federal Capital picked Gbagyi country in the middle of Nigeria as a symbol of peace, unity and cooperation.

The people of Gbagyi peacefully gave up their ancestral homes to build the new capital Abuja as a show of unity and to move Nigeria ahead as one country. I can safely say there is no other ethnic group in Nigeria that will give up their ancestral land for such a venture.

To honor the sacrifices of the Gbagyi people Juju Films is organically delivering Presidential elections content from a Gbagyi enclave in Nasarawa State. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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  1. JuJu, Grateful for the knowledge bro’. Hoping for a sedate and safe election.

    1. Thank you brother, I appreciate you.

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