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Pottery in Ushafa Village FCT Nigeria

8 thoughts on “Craftswomen

  1. I really like your work, and am sad I can’t see it as easily as I did before. It means I will miss some of your posts. Do you post on facebook?

    1. Hi, this is a thread from support. Diego – So it seems that user is actually not subscribed to your blog by email
      Diego – They have subscribed to a couple of your posts, which will only get them an email if someone posts a comment to such Post
      Diego – They seem to be subscribed to a couple other blogs and posts, but not directly to your blog

    2. Diego – Do you know what email client are they using?
      Diego – Most clients nowadays ask you to explicitly “Show images” on emails.
      Diego – GMail does that, with an option to “Always show images from …@….”
      Diego – Perhaps they are missing that option, it’s per-email

      1. You can send this back to Diego. I have and am subscribed to you for instant e-mails. Before, it was daily e-mails. Furthermore, I was getting your photos for months in the e-mail. Then it changed, I did not change. Nor did G-mail stop making the images available.

      2. Thanks

  2. Fantastic!

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