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Lagos Mosquito

Lagos Mosquito
A musical documentary of ghetto living in Nigeria.

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  1. Interesting, but I lived in many countries for much of my life, so I see with different eyes, and I see here the expression of a culture in free-fall without a parachute.

    What is so sad to see is young women very willingly going along with being seen as primarily sex objects, not as sisters, cousins and future wives, who should be protected, loved and cherished.

    Sadder still is that if they do finally start growing up and discovering they don’t like being seen/leered at/treated that way, they will (far too often) blame the guys exclusively, rather than recognize their own complicity, which is far more painful, and who enjoys that kind of self reflection, eh?

    The final nail in the coffin of this cultural death spiral is/will be not teaching their OWN sons to be different, to resist the culture of degradation and treat girls as people to respect, protect, love and cherish and MARRY, not use and pass on. Of course, they obviously don’t/won’t even teach their daughters the same thing. We, the bearers and raisers of children, NOT doing the right thing is tragic and condemnable.

    Nevertheless, everyone’s hands are red with blood, but no one will look in the mirror.

    It is little different among the slave descendents here in the US (and is easily in many other cultural groups here, but to a lesser extent where the resistance to it is greater), which is more than sufficient evidence that attempting to blame environment/outside forces for internal attitude choices is a straw man, and a child’s effort to not accept personal responsibility.

    Poverty begins when families are dismissed as stifling, unnecessary, boring and generally undesirable or unnecessary and no one looks after anyone, only their own pleasure and desires. Then every suffers and people die younger and younger.

    The END of poverty begins when intact, loving, monogamous families are valued, desired and encouraged and children are actively protected and taught the same. Agree or disagree, the facts of culture and history cannot be refuted.

    Happily, there are poverty-stricken places all across the world where beneficial change HAS occurred (and is occurring) and continues to succeed, but NEVER in the presence of no-holds-barred hedonism.

    Where there is no vision, the people perish.

    Oh dear, on my soapbox again. Well, it was succinct, anyway.

  2. […] Lagos Mosquito describes the state of poverty in Nigeria. Shot in “Agbo Malu” where he resides, it is a look at the current situation in Nigeria as he sees it […]

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