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Lagos Mosquito

Lagos Mosquito
A musical documentary of ghetto living in Nigeria.
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Doped on Religion

Most Nigerians are leery of American and European assistance in rescuing the 300 or so girls Boko Haram abducted from their school in Chibok, Borno State Nigeria. This is reasonable since Africans still harbor memories of the atrocities the Americans and Europeans inflicted on them. They came to Africa some 500 or so years ago under the guise of helping the continent solve their “unemployment” problem.

They promised our chiefs and kings we would be gainfully employed in their lush cotton fields for a rewarded of 40 acres and a mule. They gave our chiefs, kings and African slave traders fancy trinkets laced with a healthy dose of Christianity. Before the Europeans the Arabs were enslaving Africans through Islam.

These miss-educated ones distrust America’s motives even though America has an African president you see they are conditioned to distrust their own. Their Pastors, Imams and collective “Men of God” cowardly hide in their Crack Mansions while their fiends are slaughtered in the battlefields of a twisted religious ideology.

They follow the blueprint of slavery to divided and conquer. Nigerians are still fiends doped on Religion. Ogbeni Ayotunde


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Bombs of Corruption

Wilfred Akor 22 Years Nigerian Army veteran vents about the gross levels of corruption in Nigeria. The Liberia and Sierra Leone civil wars veteran was imprisoned in a Nigerian Army prison for 2 years for speaking against corruption.


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This Corruption Story O Jare

Henry a college graduate and taxi driver in Abuja Nigeria vents on political corruption in Nigeria and the need for youth empowerment.

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We Need Change In Nigeria | A Message To President Barack Obama

In January 2011 Hajia Talatu Yamara from Abia State Nigeria sent a video SOS message for change and help for Nigeria to Nuhu Ribadu and President Barack Obama.

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Voice of Nigerians

Lagosian laments the extreme poverty and corruption eating away at the fabric of Nigerian society.

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Nigeria’s Injury Time

One man’s take after waiting in Ikoyi for several hours due to traffic shutdown from Dodan Barracks Presidential Guest House, Obalende where President Goodluck Jonathan was having a breakfast meeting with Prime Minister Cameron to Murtala Muhammed Airport in Ikeja. This is what Lagosians deal with in a metropolis already plagued with major traffic problems when the president is in town.


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Before the kidnapping of 230 young girls in Nigeria hit the sensibilities of social media and the world, hundreds of girls in Nigeria some as young as 9 years old were brutalized, forcibly raped, killed, burnt to death as they slept in their school dormitories, sold into slavery, forced into marriage, and forcibly converted to Islam. These are just some of the crimes against humanity committed in the name of Islam in Nigeria by Boko Haram.

Nigeria is no different from the rest of the world drawn on very visible religious lines. It is easy to file these crimes under religious extremism without addressing the true core of the problem as Nigeria’s political system is also drawn on very visible religious lines, a byproduct of colonialism.

The poor miss-educated population who are the victims cannot question these crimes committed in the ‘name of God” for fear for their lives and family’s, you see they have no protection from either side.

Be aware that a government is a mirrored reflection of the country it represents. In Nigeria we have an extremely corrupt political system that produced a mass population living in extreme poverty that breed groups like Boko Haram who are also vowing to keep the population they claim to be fighting for uneducated, miss-educated, radicalized and enslaved.

You see the Nigerian government is guilty of the same crimes we are now accusing Boko Haram of perpetrating in keeping the population they swore to represent uneducated, miss-educated and living in extreme poverty. The rest of the Nigerian population stood by and watched quietly while this manifested.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti was brutalized, imprisoned and his 78year old mother Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, a Women’s Rights activist was tossed out of a second floor window of Fela’s Kalakuta Republic premises by the Nigeria government for their activism. This while the Nigerian population also stood by and watched quietly.

What we have in Nigeria is a weak population without the power to fire the greedy oppressive government that claims to be representing them. Ms. Ebony living in Cleveland Ohio USA could never fully understand the pains of the mothers of victims of Boko Haram’s extremist dogma.

Boko Haram is a creation of the Nigerian government’s corrupt culture and any campaign for the rescue of these young girls should be directed at President Goodluck Jonathan and Nigerian lawmakers. I wonder how much more of this blood fest they can stomach. You see they pawned their souls to their gods.

Open Letter To The People of Nigeria

Through the many decades of corruption in the Nigerian government establishment there is one name that stands out in the fight against corruption. At the risk to his life he made legitimate strides against corruption in Nigeria as the chairman of the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

His career as a police officer in the Nigerian Police Force, an activist lawyer, or as Chairman of the EFCC and currently as a consultant for several NGOs is always in the service for the people.

Nuhu was part of an advisory committee to establish a corruption free Afghanistan Police Department. He has received worldwide awards and acclaim for his courage and dedication in the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

I propose the Nigerian people nominate Nuhu Ribadu the National Security Chairman of Nigeria. The average Nigerian will echo the usual sentiments that the powers that be will not grant Nuhu Ribadu such powers for fear of the many skeletons in their closets. Clearly this is now the people’s fight and I believe strongly that Nuhu Ribadu is the right candidate with the right experience to fight for the people.

Let your voice be heard make a statement.