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Free American

Senator John McCain of Arizona bragged of how he had met several times with the Free Syrian Army and he knows they are good honest people, so we should now rally American young men and women to go die for their cause.

Senator John McCain before you volunteer the life of my son or daughter for another man’s beef realize that good honest people make mistakes. You should spend the time knowing that young woman in the Alhambra District of Phoenix Arizona who is about to loose her soul while dropping that bomb on baby Mohammed in Ash-Sham, Syria.

Ogbeni Ayotunde

3 thoughts on “Free American

  1. Am I correct in thinking that McCain is a little bit………you know………..away with the fairies?

    1. You will be right in thinking that lol

  2. […] Senator McCain not only expected President Obama to read President Putin the riot act but impose sanctions so American gun makers can sell more guns and war machines. You see from Syria to Ukraine Senator McCain can quickly tell who the “bad guys”. Senator McCain the World Bully’s solution is to quickly arm the “good guys” and escalate the bloodbath. […]

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