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Gaza death toll rises to 170 amid ongoing Israeli offensive (men, women and children) and Senator John McCain commends Benjamin Netanyahu for his retrain.


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Free American

Senator John McCain of Arizona bragged of how he had met several times with the Free Syrian Army and he knows they are good honest people, so we should now rally American young men and women to go die for their cause.

Senator John McCain before you volunteer the life of my son or daughter for another man’s beef realize that good honest people make mistakes. You should spend the time knowing that young woman in the Alhambra District of Phoenix Arizona who is about to loose her soul while dropping that bomb on baby Mohammed in Ash-Sham, Syria.

Ogbeni Ayotunde

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Mission Impossi…

Mission Impossible

“A fi omi si enu fe ino” the literal translation is one who puts water in their mouth and spits it out to put out a fire. Meaning one who tries to do the impossible. This is exactly what the Americans are trying to do in Syria.

Ogbeni Ayotunde