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Disguise Leaders

President Barrack Obama in Ohio
President Barrack Obama in Ohio

In American politics you have the lawmakers who commit crimes under the guise of conservatism. They believe it is their God given right to oppress their fellow human. They are the defenders of the American constitution written by slave owners, thieves and mass murders. They expect the rest of the world to religiously live by the ideals created by these men without protest.

From these ideals terrorism was created and terrorism is used. Senator John McCain calls President Barrack Obama the “most naive president in history” for not calling President Putin and giving him a good tongue lashing. Senator John McCain hardly believes in the democratic process America so champions working in Ukraine, a sovereign nation with every right to self determination.

Senator McCain not only expected President Obama to read President Putin the riot act but impose sanctions so American gun makers can sell more guns and war machines. You see from Syria to Ukraine Senator McCain can quickly tell who the “bad guys”. Senator McCain the World Bully’s solution is to quickly arm the “good guys” and escalate the bloodbath.

We all know McCain the “maverick” tobacco chewing tough talker is looking for war in any part of the world he can incite it, you see he is in the business of war. I believe Russia, Ukraine, United States and the rest of the world can safely call McCain a terrorist. Who says an American senator can’t be a terrorist? Why are the conservatives so afraid of President Putin?

Not too long ago Ukraine was part of Russia, broken up by the might might Ronald Reagan, so who’s best interest is it for Ukraine to default to the European Union. Does it affect American interest in any way if Ukraine goes back to Russia. Would Russia be a sponsor of terrorism if they pumped billions of dollars into the Sioux, Cherokee, Dakota, Choctaw, Seminole, and all the great native American nations to protest in the streets of America and Washington DC demanding the return of their continent.

We all remember the Cuban missiles crisis. I say naiveté is okay by me if it prevents the crime of war.

Ogbeni Ayotunde


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Free American

Senator John McCain of Arizona bragged of how he had met several times with the Free Syrian Army and he knows they are good honest people, so we should now rally American young men and women to go die for their cause.

Senator John McCain before you volunteer the life of my son or daughter for another man’s beef realize that good honest people make mistakes. You should spend the time knowing that young woman in the Alhambra District of Phoenix Arizona who is about to loose her soul while dropping that bomb on baby Mohammed in Ash-Sham, Syria.

Ogbeni Ayotunde