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President Obama wasted 8 years trying to please white people.

President Barrack Obama in Ohio 2012 #JujuFilms

2 thoughts on “President Obama wasted 8 years trying to please white people.

  1. If you were a captive in a slave colony, would you care if the head warden was black or white? Have Europeans not betrayed and exploited each other? Is the massive migration from arab and african countries into Europe not a cultural betrayal?

    White supremacy is a useful tool to corral part of the european population to support the TINY sick group of control freaks that desire global control.
    Why is that stolen land Australiai in the pacific, part of NATO? If Australia was largely black would they be part of NATO? Of course not! So we can see NATO as part of the “white/zionist supremacist” deceit of creating fake enemies for profit and control.

    Obama did NOT waste his time. He served his “white/zionist supremacist” masters well. The US stayed in Iraq, Afghanistan, destroyed Syria and Libya. Trillions in bailouts. US bases on African soil. Ebola as smokescreen serving to assist US Africom in West Africa.

    What would an honourable man do if they realised they were tasked to approve criminal, genocidal plans? Resign? Public exposure? Or collude? Obama is a disgusting as both Bushes, Clinton and now the lying clown Trump!

    If a blogger can connect the dots reading David Icke, Jon Rappaport, Rense, WRH, Corbett Report, etc Why can’t those so called “intelligence” agents with access to deeper sources.

    See Obama for the treacherous bull excrement he was and is. Some people were never fooled by Obama nor the current con, Trump!

    1. Thank you sir!!

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