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Sy Smith

Track 12 – “No Place Like Love”
(Hear the album version here:
Sometimes songs just come from a really happy place. Like, really. And even though the concept of “love” often draws heart-wrenching, emotional roller coaster riding, sad tales, sometimes love just makes one happy. That’s definitely the case with “No Place Like Love”. I wrote this tune with my good friend/producer/keyboardist-to-the-STARS Tim Carmon (yeah, Google his name too!). We’d originally recorded this as a ballad and pitched it to Janet Jackson’s camp. I don’t know if it ever reached her, but obviously she never recorded it. Oh well. I couldn’t let (what I considered) a great tune go to waste, but I’ve never considered myself to be a balladeer. So I asked Tim if we could reconstruct this as an uptempo that moves into a good ole foot-stompin’ house joint, and he, very graciously, made that happen.

I haven’t performed this song very much live, don’t know why. It’s a pretty fun tune to do, as this clip shows (I had to cut it short, because we were going on forever with this one! LOL)! Dominique Taplin is killin’ on keys as usual. And I’m in laugh mode…also as usual! #10YearsOfSyberspace #TheSyberspaceSocial — feeling silly.

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