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Crown Prince Leke Oyinlola

Crown Prince Leke Oyinlola

Crown Prince Leke Oyinlola of Erin Oke, Osun State Nigeria.


8 thoughts on “Crown Prince Leke Oyinlola

  1. A bit less formal than the British royal family!!!

    1. Peace Life, I will be getting knowledge from him in regards to the Ooni burial he is also a historian. I call him a Hillbilly cause his father is from “Erin Oke” (Oke is hills or high in Yoruba) his mother is from “Oke Igbo” from the Ooni royal family. He jokes that he is from the hills so when he visits Lagos it is like visiting London lol.

      1. His name reminds me of Babatunde Olatunji..a wonderful Nigerian musician! Is the burial now being scheduled? It would be wonderful if they would just forsake that old tradition. Although I’m in favor of tradition, this is one I’d vote to drop. Not that I’ll be asked to venture an opinion!

    2. I am a fan of Babatunde Olatunji’s music I believe he lived in New York. I am also in favor of forsaking that part of the tradition. I think if the colonials had allowed Africans to practice their tradition and culture in the open then there would have been enough pressure from the outside world to abolish it. Remember there are state sanctioned beheading and executions still practiced around the world and plenty of protests against it.

      1. Yes I know and I, too, think there was too much interference in the African customs.

  2. […] Crown Prince Leke Oyinlola (L) pays a courtesy visit to Oba Olufemi Olutoye of Idoani in Ondo State Nigeria. […]

  3. Also seems more approachable than British royalty.

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