Bajju family in Langa Langa Viillage, Nasarawa State, Nigeria #JujuFilms

Bajju family in Langa Langa Village, Nasarawa State, Nigeria #JujuFilms

The Bajju are an ethnic group found in the Northern Region of Nigeria. They are found in the Southern part of Kaduna State in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area . “Jju” is the native name of the language to Bajju people while the more commonly known name “Kaje” is a pejorative name used to refer to both the Bajju people and Jju language by the larger Hausa people who could not pronounce the name Kajju (meaning the land of the Bajju people) well. The Bajju people are predominantly farmers, hunters, blacksmith and petty traders.

The Bajju paramount Leader is called Agwam Bajju. The current leader is His Royal Highness the Agwam Bajju Malam Nuhu Bature. Source: