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Nigerian Plumber

Here is Augustine a plumber in Nigeria using stone age tools in the 21st century. This is a 6 bedroom house I rented in Abuja, built with stone age technology by a crooked landlord. There are 6 toilets in the main house and one in the boys quarters each with an individual chamber that leads to the soak away pit.

Nigerian landlords are skilled magicians who appear only when it is time to collect rent and disappear when it is time to fix a problem. So I called in Augustine to fix a clog in the flow to the soak away pit. To get to the source of the clog Augustine had to bust 7 concrete chambers with a chisel and hammer.

He bagged and disposed of 10 sacks of waste taking him the better part of two days. His bill was about $60 which I paid him with a $50 tip. Watching a man bag shit for a living is one of the dirtiest I have seen although those around me figured I overpaid him.

All homes in Nigeria self sustain their utility needs so I am constantly buying petrol and fixing or replacing my Chinese made electric generators, manufactured for Nigeria with the same business model used by disposable razor manufacturers, I go through an average of 2 a year. Augustine is replacing my water pump the second in a year. Water pumps manufactured for Nigeria are also manufactured with the disposable manufacturing model, a “new” water pump plus installation cost me about $400. – @OgbeniAyotunde


3 thoughts on “Nigerian Plumber

  1. I like the information in this post, but I do not like the greed of people who take advantage of others. Shame on those who profit in this way. This also happens in America. For instance, the amount of food in packages keeps getting smaller, yet they charge more for it.

    1. That seems to be the way of the world where the poor are robbed to make the rich. Corporations are pure evil

      1. I agree. Corporations are the antithesis of community. They spread like cancer, gobbling everything, destroying diversity. Every person should wake up and realize that they want to dominate and “conglomerate”.

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