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Nigeria’s Digital Election & The Educated Fools

Everyone living in Nigeria today know our digital network is at best unreliable and can be as horrible and frustrating as the electricity supply. These network providers who rely on electricity to power their network infrastructure have learnt to deliver third world digital service to their Nigerian subscribers. They power their tens of thousands of cell towers with diesel fuel generators. These greedy corporations like MTN, Airtel, Glo, Globalcom, Etisalat and company would rather burn the planet with fossil fuels than invest in solar or wind energy to power their cell towers.

Then comes the brilliant minds in INEC who have millions of young uncorrupt minds from the National Youth Service Corps at their disposal to hand count reliable paper ballots, instead they bought digital readers a technology that can easily be hacked on a dime. It goes without saying that no tests or simulations were ever performed on this product nor an audit of the acquisition process. Just so am not stating the obvious the Good Fellas at INEC went with mission impossible for the billions of dollars they stand to rip off. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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  1. the card readers were tested. and i love the idea of the card readers. It is a step in the right direction which is; curtailing election malpractices. It’s only sad that it failed in the areas where it did. But emphatically, I like the idea.

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