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They Can’t Stand Him

He is too old, he is Hausa, he is a General, he faked his high school certificate, he is a tyrant, the Naira will devalue under his watch, he has no sons, he fainted on the campaign trail, he is going to the US for medical attention, he mispronounced his running mates name, the head of Boko Haram called him an infidel, he criticized President Goodluck Jonathan on his handling of Boko Haram. You will be right to assume that Buhari critics sound like sober drunks. Ogbeni Ayotunde


15 thoughts on “They Can’t Stand Him

  1. Why do you support Buhari?
    What promise, credentials, character trait or record makes you have confidence in his presidency?

    1. Thanks for asking I did not base my support for Buhari on a promise or promises. It is human nature to break promises not for lack of character but changing circumstances.

      Corruption grew to disgusting levels (there was an Ibadan politician who actually stored embezzled cash in 100gallon water drums in his house) during the Shagari presidency which brought about a Babangida led bloodless coup overthrowing Shagari’s administration. Buhari was not part of the coup but was installed the leader of Nigeria by the military based on his record of integrity.

      He resisted the IMF’s pressure to devalue the Nigerian Naira against the U.S. Dollar. I remember when I was in college in America before and during Buhari’s administration my yearly tuition and board was $13,000 which then was equivalent to N10,000. He was overthrown for not bowing to the IMF, today $1 is equivalent to N187

      He was appointed Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund a eureka of an appointment for corrupt politicians yet this man has no foreign bank accounts or property.

      You see Nigeria is a patch job of the British Empire of divide and conquer so for the older generation it is a tribal and religious election based on deep sheathing hatred not unlike in Iraq.

      So out of the mouths of babies fools and idiots comes wisdom for the first time in Nigeria’s political history average citizens are actually donating money to a political campaign, Buhari’s

      1. That is a good start to assess Buhari however, what about the people around him?
        Is his popularity being exploited by his “circle”?
        Will he fail in his promises due to the appointees around him?
        It would be interesting to look at the interests of his executive officers should he win office.
        As I look at the US, I see a betrayal of the “hope” Americans placed in Obama due to their strong desire for change.
        Obama is a front for the usual corporate suspects.
        The same common interests are evident in the UK (left or right, blue or red, labour or conservative), it makes no material difference.
        I hope Nigeria with Buhari is not falling for the same trick.

    2. On Obama I respectfully disagree with you, like I said hopes and promises are expectations based on fantasy so when the candidate does not live up to those fantasies he has sold out or a front for the man. Can you tell me how Obama has betrayed Americans?

      I really don’t buy the propaganda pedaled by mainstream news media which is not there to promote the President’s agenda. I campaigned for Obama in Ohio and have met the man and he is alright by me, so I see a president who against full frontal assault (most of the time with such venom against the black community) by the conservatives provided national healthcare, managed not to get America into any foreign wars, brought America out of a recession, worked on the laws disproportionally sentencing black people to long prison sentences the list go on.

      I am not worried about the people around Buhari by now everyone in Nigeria is aware of Buhari’s character. Buhari is one African leader that can claim he never fell for the tricks of the European powers.

      1. I had a simple test for Obama, to close that extremely hypocritical monstrosity at Guantanamo Bay!
        8 years on, it is still open, then you have rampant NSA spying, bogus regime change in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and a failed coup in Gambia.
        We will have to disagree. I see a slick con-man being used by corrupt military/industrial/banking complex to further their own agenda.
        Do you really believe in the bogus choice between the Democrats and the Republicans?
        “Black Lives Matter” happened under his watch.
        Rampant police brutality continues under his watch.
        Bankster bailouts happened under his watch?
        Laws allowing BANKS to steal your savings and pensions are happening under his watch.
        TPP and TTIP secret trade agreements are happening under his watch?
        Ebola happened under his watch – Ebola has allowed AFRICOM to get a foothold in Africa (Liberia), so if Ebola was an accident, they sure moved quick.
        That the TSA, DHS still exist under his watch is at a minimum his acceptance of the unacceptable.
        He like most US politicians kneels before that genocidal Zionist state called Israel.
        No…I see a man continuing the trajectory that Bush Snr, Clinton and Bush Jr started.

        You may have some minor respite with Obamacare – I cannot comment on that I don’t live in the US – however on issues I see as important, I see compliance to his masters agenda.

        Torturing – waterboarding – prisoners that have not and will never be charged for any crime is an affront to human decency and lawfulness. That he an African American can stomach that for 8 years speaks to a betrayal of principle.

    3. The U.S. is not a monarchy so therefor Obama is not a king. The Senate and the House write the laws, the closest thing a U.S President has to the powers of a king is an Executive Order which Obama has almost exhausted his limit fighting to improve American lives, black, white and all the race groups that make America. Obama is not the President of African Americans he is the American President

      To overstand the American democracy you have to go back 200years when the first Europeans arrived in North America for reasons not limited to freedom from monarchy and freedom of religion so it is well written in their constitution to limit the powers of the President. Then again if you believe that one man can come in and change a 200yr old institution I got some land for you in Baga. Your simple test for Obama is nothing short of your expectations of him as a black man, I myself have a sworn rule never to live up to others expectations of me always leads to unnecessary disappointments,

      The NSA, CIA, FBI and all the other alphabet organizations are independent of the White House with their own heads, you see through the Senate hearings and Wikileaks there was no evidence Obama directly ordered the NSA spying in contrast to Nixon in Watergate. In this case Nixon ordered the spying and it cost him his job. You have the Reagan Iran Contra affair which also directly linked Reagan.

      In terms of Libya, Syria Ukraine, Gambia and every other country in the world you believe America is responsible for their survival you got to overstand Americans have their own problems at home and if Obama is not the king of America he damn sure ain’t the king of the world.

      A slick con man can never be used by anyone even by institutions as old as the country. I don’t see it as a bogus choice between the Democrats and the Republicans, it was a choice to stand for something so I don’t fall for everything and my choice was the man. You see history will prove Obama to be one of the greatest American presidents.

      Do you overstand the meaning behind “Black Lives Matter” I ask since you claim you don’t live in America because it is almost like blaming the girl for getting raped. Obama is a black man whom you are now blaming for the increase in hate crimes against young black men. Then again you are blaming Obama for Ebola. Do you believe he is responsible for global warming?

      In terms of the bank bailouts, Americans were robbed by the previous administration and Obama restored the economy. I am not aware of anyone claiming their savings accounts and pensions were stollen by banks what I am aware of is a strong American economy, jobs, healthcare, lower oil price in contrast to EU still struggling with the falling euro, Greece in a rope a dope loan program.

      Let’s talk about countries run by thugs and corrupt money, the discussion will lead to Russia, EU countries and Ukraine and why Putin is able to masturbate all over Europe. You see Obama is not going to fall for a World War 3.

      Obamacare is nothing minor if you overstand the American political system, the number one reason for most bankruptcy filings in America is over medical expenses. You talk about Obama taking on the establishment he just took on the biggest and baddest in the Healthcare Industry yet you see it as minor. If Obama is a tool of these Big Bad American government and Israel then tell me why so many attempts on his life?

      1. Wow, it is evident we get our information from different sources. I look online and use mostly alternative online media.

        My blog ebolainfo2014 started off as a rejection of vaccines as the solution to Ebola, this led to an understanding of the corrupt Pharma industry and the corrupt FDA and CDC. I then saw links to forced or tainted vaccines in Uganda and Kenya, OIl interests, Bill Gates and GMO/Monsanto, de-population…Ebola was the thread that unravelled the deceits.

        That massive reserves of Oil exist of the coast of West Africa (Guinea, Gambia, Liberia) leads to US/OIl industry interests. So we have AFRICOM and Ebola.

        Why has the presence of AFRICOM in Liberia and the increased US intel presence not made a difference to “Book illegal” jihadists activity. Who benefits from Book Illegal activity?
        Ah, a failed state, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Iraq…the Oil keeps pumping…keeping those pimping CEOs in profit and maintaining the petrodollar.

        Connecting the dots further, the Syria farce and ISIS. Bogus Boko Haram sounds and look like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, even to using the same black flag with a white circle and some fictional Islamic state. WTF!

        We are WITHOUT doubt looking at very different sources to inform our worldview.

        I look at Nigeria and hope that they chose a candidate and group that is aware of the global issues and its impact on Africa. If you have evidence of that, please post it here.

        If Buhari has the integrity, does he have the intellectual team to see through the schemes currently unfolding in Africa and protect his nation and his neighbours.
        – Bill Gates and GAVI – poison the African population with vaccines
        – Monsanto and GMO- control the food…its starting in Ghana
        – Ebola – use bioweapons to depopulate and weaken nation states.
        (A cast iron prediction: Ebola will NOT be the last…look on my blog or CDCs for the long list of new bio-warfare candidates.)
        – AFRICOM – controlling the African landmass with rapid deployment forces from Liberia
        – Global agreements that would force ANY African country to kneel before corporate interests. The US as the global muscle for the Banksters and Oligarchs.
        – The secret agreements? TPP and TTIP.
        – A false/fake grouping – Cold war 2.0 – divide the world into two camps but secretly work together.

        I will humbly submit I do not have all the answers but I see serious dangers for Africa and the world with the current trajectory of the monied ‘elite’ which Africa will find painful to escape even with strong and honest leadership.

        We will have to peacefully agree to disagree on Obama.

    4. Apparently we do and I tend not to believe everything I read online or through alternative news sources, one because they are propaganda driven, the source is always biased and then again where do these sources get their resources and funding, for example do you have a source inside the FDA or CDC? I no more have access to President Obama’s meetings in the Oval Office or his daily briefings than 100% of online bloggers.

      My style of blogging is based on the good news meaning I seek the good in my stories and images, the evening news is already filled with bad stories. You will not find me publishing images of massacres in Nigeria because I am positive those images are seen by the only one who can do something about it Goodluck Jonathan.

      You started your blog on Ebola with the thesis of Obama’s responsibility and AFRICOM when one has nothing to do with the other, you also mentioned the Pharmaceutical Industry which Obama went after in setting up Obamacare. It is expected that federal agencies like the FDA and CDC will have missteps that can sometimes be criminal for the simple reason that these alphabet organizations are run by humans.

      I fail to see the link to Ebola, GMO, Bill Gates and the deceits you unravelled. Here are proven facts Pfizer was found liable in a court of law for the polio outbreak in Kano as a result of their clinical tryouts in Northern Nigeria. Most Americans will tell you that the Pharmaceutical Industry is no different from Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Drug Cartel and most doctors are no different from your neighborhood drug pusher. Do you know about the prescription drug problems in America? So tell me again how minor the Obamacare fight was.

      Massive oil reserves off the Atlantic Coast of Africa is not something we West Africans are dancing in the streets with joy about. That oil is there to corrupt the politicians and bring misery on the people, if we have smart leaders they will be signing agreements to keep the oil buried.

      Why do you think America is just waiting to steal the oil from those countries?. Here is a fact you might not know, America has massive oil reserves than they know what to do with, the price of oil has fallen to record lows and America is in a national debate about the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada. America is fast moving away from dinosaur fossil fuels to alternative clean energy like Solar, wind and bio fuels, they are also moving away from gas guzzlers to hybrid and electric cars.

      For months in the beginning of the Ebola crisis in Liberia, Obama and the Western world were criticized for not taking action and helping to stop the outbreak. When the Americans did respond the story changes to Obama is responsible for Ebola and he set up AFRICOM to steal our oil.

      1. Oh my, you have mis-represented my response and not even had browsed my blog.

        I said it was created in response to the pushing of vaccine as the solution to Ebola.

        AFRICOM is now in Liberia. You can do the research yourself. From Germany to Liberia.
        Janes is a reputable publication:

        Obama is NOT in charge…he is a frontman for commercial interests.

        Cuba sent doctors, the US sent soldiers?
        They sent the Airborne division not an engineering division or medical corp.

      2. Bill Gates has invested in Monsanto a pusher of toxins and GMO crops. Bill Gates funds vaccines in African under the GAVI program. Again do your research, don’t accept my statement.

        As you acknowledge Pharma (GSK, Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly ) have been prosecuted for fraud. Vaccines in Kenya, Uganda and by your post Northern Nigeria have been contaminated or just plain dangerous.

        The realisation of vaccine fraud lead to the realisation of other frauds by the west. namely Banking (Libor, Mortgage, Forex, commodities), GMO, terrorism, medical.

        Don’t believe me, go and google “1986 National Childhood Vaccine injury Act”.
        Here are links on my blog:

        Yes, America has shale oil, so does Europe but it only viable if oil is $80-$100.
        Why does the US want to maintain the Petrodollar ie why must it make sure the world uses the dollar for international transactions?

        The fraud of the US central bank and its forcing the world to use dollars – which it prints out of thin air for a private bunch of parasites – to buy oil is the root of the violence of American imperialism and its desire to dominate ANY country or region that has Oil reserves.

        That is why the coast of West Africa is important. OIL MUST BE SOLD IN $ to maintain American financial dominance. Ditto Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iran and its meddling in Nigerian affairs.

        Another question? Which candidate is fan of the US? Which candidate has been publicly vilified or praised?

        I see Obama as an African American fraud! His presidency was a stroke of evil genius to delude Americans further that their nations was principled and working for a better world. The reverse was the truth. He is frontman for the bankster/oligarchs.

        Oh, America is NOT the most corrupt? Google and research the following questions:

        – Gladio B and false Islamic terror that is Al-Qaeda and now ISIS
        – Who benefitted from the biggest false flag on its soil called 911?
        – Who lied about Iraq WMDs?
        – Who killed over 500K civilians in Iraq?
        – Who poisoned Iraq with radioactive Depleted Uranium?
        – Who deposed Gaddafi and destroyed Libya?
        – Who tried to lie about Assad and chemical weapons to invade Syria?
        – Who’s agent escorted the Nigerian underpants bomber onto the flight to the US?
        – After Charlie Hebdo? What laws were being voiced in response to the false flag?
        – Who protects tyrannical leaders in the Middle East? Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar. Yemen?
        – Who currently sponsors jihadists in East Africa – Somali, Kenya?
        – Who spent billions in Ukraine on regime change for Ukraine GAS and fertile land for Monsanto?
        – Who initiated sanctions against Russia to provoke a military confrontation?
        – Which country will kill, poison, invade, infect, overthrow, sanction, embargo to maintain its financial control over the world?

        Once you accept the reality of the cesspit that is the American ruling class/oligarchy, then you can see the trajectory of self interest

  2. Character and integrity certainly count in all aspects of how we live our life…

  3. Damn if he doesn’t sound like. My kind of candidate! Hell if hLf of what you state is accurate, i should renonounce my citizenship and become a Nigerian and vote for the man myself, if no other reason than his refusal to kow-tow to the IMF (damn my henry, when/where were in school with tution that low)

    1. Lol Madison Wisconcin this was before colleges in America became just as much of a rip off as the healthcare industry. Goodluck surrounded himself with fools disgusting how the Minister of Finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala twitted she is Charlie when 2000people were just massacred in her own country. I guess she sees the writing on the wall and still lobbying the Europeans for the World Bank job.

      1. I could be ahead of myself here, but, odds are she will! Damn shame my henry, you, a flipping ‘badger’ pity that!

  4. This a thread from a discussion earlier today on Facebook with a strong critic of Buhari, Crown Prince Leke Oyinlola

    [Alexander Churi] 20/20 for some of us its principle not personalities. Femi Fani-Kayode is a loud mouth but that does not let your man off the hook. Fact: Muhammad Buhari got to where he is today because of where he came from. Whereas your papa, my papa had to study hard, work hard to take care of thier monogamus families, the likes of Buhari from the North get F9 in Mathemetics, live polygamus life and become “Head of State” and then start sacking qualified hard working Southerners with families to feed from thier government jobs in the name of FEDERAL CHARACTER and replace all of them with uneducated mallams. Now because of one chancer, eBola Tinubu, we’re suppose to FORGET ALL THAT and give a pass to another ‘born to rule’. All of Buhari’s suppoeters HATED OLUSEGUN OBASANJO but now that Baba has seen that a member of the MILITARY MAFIA is better for him than a BLOODLY CIVILIAN HE CANT CONTROL and thus support the DEVIL he knows. All of a sudden OBJ is now a good man, well Olusegun Obasanjo has only 1 vote in Abeokuta and me thinks Buhari needs more than that to win.

    [Ogbeni Ayotunde] 20/20 am surprised you are still singing the same old song. Fela said it over 30yrs ago that Yoruba man pikin no dey join soldier force, so we hate on the Hausas for serving in the military. In 2015 you have something against a guy for his military service to his country and you call that principle? You sounding like one of those Tea Party people that are always wanting their country back.

    Femi Fani Kayode is a loudmouth yet you are running with his nursery school scheme talking about getting F9 in maths so what everyone that scores F9 in maths should run and hide in shame. Buhari’s father did not have the money to send him to college in Briton. Fani Kayode is relevant today only because of him papa and Goodluck is beyond desperate for hiring him as a political strategist. You know how prized the title of doctor goes in Nigeria so everyone is a Phd even though they never completed the required courses, hint hint Dr Goodluck Jonathan. 20/20 give me some good arguments.

    [Alexander Churi] Good argument;1. Muhammadu Buhari is a nobody who got to where he is because he is an Hausa/Fulani man. 2. Nobody from the Southern part of Nigeria can get into the officer corp of the Nigerian Army if he/she had F9 in maths. Nobody. 3. Buhari has already shown his qualities in his YOUTH to run the country 1983-1985 and he failed. 4. The world has moved on from Buhari’s youth so in logic he is even less qualified to go back and run his country. 5. Buhari DOES NOT meet the LEGAL requirement- school leaving certificate- to run his country. 5. Buhari is bullshiting about ending coruption, because if he is serious then he will have to arrest his boss and his associates, eBola Tinubu & co, and we know thats is not going to happen. 14th Febuary cant come soon enough and everybody can then get back to thier struggles and the politicians can go on with thier business for another 4 years.

    [Shola Mapaderun] The whole “Certifi-Gate” is pretty nauseating. Nigerians seem more incensed by it than by real issues. There’s nothing to see here. The man must have passed some basic tests to get through military training so i don’t give a toss about his certificate or lack there of. All this supposed Phd toting types running the country are not doing such a great job of it, so what gives. Real issues folks, not crap devised to distract gullible people.

    [Alexander Churi] @Shola Mapaderun the nauseating “Certifi-Gate” is called electioneering and politics or do you prefer that the good General Buhari just lock up all these bloody civilian trouble makers?

    [Shola Mapaderun] @ Alexander Churi, i prefer that Nigerians think. I prefer that we are sensible and focus on real issues and not ridiculous charges from either camp. I don’t have a dog in the fight. In fact i don’t think either candidate has any real plans for moving things forward but to focus on this issue shows the huge lack of political sophistication on the part of the populace and the tabloid press.

    [Alexander Churi] @Shola Mapaderun I am sorry to say when you have politics you’ll have triviality a la Certifi-Gate thats the nature of the beast EVERYWHERE you have democracy, which in Africa is really demonstration of craziness. Please join us in getting rid of DEMOCRACY in Nigeria so that we can go back to CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY that we had before the British came in 1860 and before they join Southern and Northern Nigeria in 1914.

    [Shola Mapaderun] Alexander Churi, let me gently take you to task. What does polygamy or monogamy have to do with governance? You make it seem like polygamy is the exclusive domain of northerners. Let’s be careful with generalizations so that we don’t muddy real discourse. I am not a northener and i come from a polygamous family. I’m quite sure that lots of northern families also had to work hard to support their families. You’re losing me bro. Buhari clearly passed some basic or comprehensive tests or he would not have gone through the level ofmilitary training that he did. If he did in fact lie about his education, then it’s a testament to the ineptitude of us all as Nigerians. It begs the question of how he got to the highest offices in the land.

    [Shola Mapaderun] Alex, i am with you in trying to do my part

    [Shola Mapaderun] We Africans need change at a fundamental, maybe even primal level. We claim that we want democracy but we have no idea what that means. Democracy is a starting point, not an end. How can we have democracy in a lawless society? How can a society thrive without it’s populace having a basic understanding of what it takes to build said society? We’ve been our own enemies for far too long, i can only hope that we change our course or risk being left behind more than we already have been.

    [Alexander Churi] Shola, you see in O’dua, which I know very well, you have polygamy that has nothing to do with religion, but a man’s wealth and social status and only sucessfully men of commerce or royalty engage in this practice. Nothing spoilt. But, come to the ‘born to rule’ crowd in the North where 98% of the sucessful men are in government employement as a result of the FEDERAL CHARACTER scam and you have these guys on the basis of thier religion mary 4 women and take all 4 to Mecca on the government tab year in year out. Now that is just plain wrong. Infact the 1st thing to do to get rid of CORUPTION in Nigeria is to get the government out of the business of sponsoring piligrims to Hajj in Mecca. I am sure the messiah Buhari will not stand for that one.

    [Shola Mapaderun] Corruption is a Nigerian issue not a northern Nigeria issue. We’re all to blame for the demise of our country. If you let a thief into your house, you should not be surprised if he absconds with the silverware. I have no knowledge about the government sponsoring Hajjs and i’m loathe to believe accusations without corroborations . If you can point me in the direction of credible evidence regarding this, i’d be grateful. I am not a tribe first type of Nigerian as i believe that our strongest strength is our diversity. Buhari is not a messiah. Messiahs are few and far between in this world and i doubt very much that Nigeria has one. We should be careful in our accusations, nothing wrong with honest critique, rumors and innuendos though are not helpful.

    [Shola Mapaderun] Alexander Churi, thanks for engaging and indulging me

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