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Is Jesus a god?


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  1. No. He is God. Not a god. He is the Son of the Father, second person of the Holy Trinity. This is the Christian Faith. Those that claim He is one of many are a different religion. Best wishes to you.

    1. Thanking you for your comment, this is were it gets confusing the claim that he is God, son of the Father and the second person of the Trinity. Exactly what that means I have no idea.

      1. needhamp shared about the trinity..Father, Son and Holy Spirit or also known as the Holy Ghost. Yes, it can be confusing but in all of it is really very simple when one puts their trust in like a child. From the beginning of time God had a plan for all of mankind, it started with the creation of earth and then Adam and Eve.. But it can boggle ones mind.. Jesus died on the cross so that we may live.He took upon the sin of the world as he die in agony. Jesus is my best friend, there is not a day that I don’t confide and talk to my Father or just sit in his presence. The world wants to distort Christianity and then it does not help that some that claim to be Christians commit evil and sinful acts. We are held accountable for what we do and what we say. God sees all and nothing is hidden.. When we feel bad, remorse that is called conviction. The way to know God is simply begin to talk to him to inquire, as easy as carrying on a conversation with him. He is a God of miracles, he is a giver of peace and protection, giver of wisdom, mercy and grace. As the days escalate in craziness it is time to get our spiritual lives in order. I am not a theologian but I have a relationship with the living God and he has done much for me in my lifetime and I am forever grateful. In the Bible it says to watch out for those dressed in sheeps clothing, but they are really wolves. Meaning there are many to portray they are Christ like but inwardly they are only out to deceive…

      2. Hi. Scripture teaches there are three persons in one God. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a mystery to be sure. They are not separate Gods, but One Divine Trinity. But the Son of God came to earth for us men and for our salvation, that would be Jesus Christ. He paid for our sins.
        A good place to listen to clear Christian doctrine at your leisure is here:
        Best wishes to you.

      3. We are all created after the Holy Trinity. He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are Body, Soul and Spirit. We are also three in one. Holy Spirit will help you understand if you really want to understand. Ask Him.

  2. It is difficult to explain all that God does for each of us individually as we follow Him. He is best friend, comforter, encourager, teacher. As we walk with Him He opens our eyes to see the truth of His word and who He is.. He loves us and when the whole world may hate us, He is faithful when those we know are not, He is my all in all and He has saved me from myself when I was selfish and shallow.. No one should insists or force their beliefs on us..We simply pray and believe and He will show us the way..

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