This is my caged balcony in Nigeria. This is noise broadcasts day in and night out a few hundred yards from my bedroom. My neighbor rigged her industrial model generator with a 10 gallon diesel tank so it runs for hours.

The history of electricity development in Nigeria can be traced back to the end of the 19th century when the first generating power plant was installed in the city of Lagos in 1898. From then until 1950, the pattern of electricity development was in the form of individual electricity power undertaking scattered all over the towns. Some of the few undertaking were Federal Government bodies under the Public Works Dept, some by the Native Authorities and others by the Municipal Authorities.

In 116years NEPA tops the list as one of the most corrupt governmental agencies in Nigeria. NEPA has been privatized by the current ruling party, meaning the greed politicians are now using their also greed corporate friends as proxies to continue the corruption.

Most Nigerians buy the transformers, electric wires and poles used in transmitting electricity from NEPA, they also bribe/pay NEPA employees for installation so how can the Nigerian government privatize what they don’t own.