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I Believe In The Children

I believe the sun shall rise tomorrow, I believe the rain nourishes the earth. I believe in creation and understand evolution. I believe in the innocence of children. I believe given the chance the youth shall grow. I believe in life.

I believe in the power of the universe. I believe in my God. I believe my beliefs can never change the universe. I beleive my beliefs are not worth dying or killing for. I believe in the children awoken in their sleep to be  slaughtered by Boko Haram as a sacrifice to their God. This is for the children not given the chance to believe. Ogbeni Ayotunde

12 thoughts on “I Believe In The Children

  1. So thoughtful, Can we reblog it anbd credit it back to JUJUFILMS?

    1. Thank you, yes you can.

  2. I believe in ONE CREATOR of everything manifestated and I believe we should have
    GREAT RESPECT for everybody and everything ! This is why killing persons is a great
    OFFENCE towards our CREATOR. May we learn to reapect CREATION !
    May GOD bless ALL of us !
    Thanks for the BEAUTILFUL foto !

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    The most vulnerable are the most victimized. I believe in the children so I nominated this image as my picture of the year 2014.

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  7. Beautiful brother. Thank you for sharing.

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