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What if North and South Korea unite against America?

What if North and South Korea unite against America? – @OgbeniAyotunde

4 thoughts on “What if North and South Korea unite against America?

  1. Stupid American hypocrites. Why don’t they arrest that neo-con fuckhead, Rumsfeld. According to this link he sold North Korea nuclear technology.

    Why make all the fuss now about N. Korea? Who stands to benefit? The criminal cowboys – we make the rules as we go along – west!

    US, China, Russia and Europe are all implicated in North Korea’s nuclear ability.

    The fake “Cold war” between Russian/Chinese communists and western capitalist carries on, in this North Korean farce.

    China/Russia are fake enemies of the west. If they were true enemies why have they NOT dumped the dollar.

    Hitler was funded by European and American corporations/banks. Millions died in that murderous deceit.

    Russia received western technology and money during the so called “cold war”. China received western technology and capital flows. China has massive investments in industries and infrastructure in the US.

    What does the nonsense about North Korea’s nuckleer weepons – mispelling intentional – distract us from? Domestic issues in US and Europe. Oh look over there, those bad yellow-slit eyes have nuckleer weepons.

    1. Hope you don’t mind I had to share this on my other platforms. I totally appreciate you. Thank you.

      1. Not at all

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