I was in the middle of making a documentary film about Fela, when his house was raided by the NDLEA under the authority of Major General Musa Bamaiyi. I was arrested along with Fela, my sister in-law Clara Jarrett nee Kuboye, a bunch of people from Fela’s house and the African Shrine.

My sister in-law and I and a bunch of people including the guy on the Big Conga Drums were stuffed into a Black Maria like sardines with no idea where they were taking us. It was around 7pm and getting dark, some of the women in the Black Maria were wailing and speculating about where they were taking us and what they were going to do to us.

The woman that was crying the loudest was convinced they were taking us to Bar Beach to execute us as armed robbers…

Fela died shortly after he was released from prison. I never got to make my Fela movie, I was devastated, I moved away, I wouldn’t listen to any Fela music for a few years. After almost 20 years it finally dawned on me what Fela was telling me about making a movie on his life. I am currently working on something totally fresh and original.

Here is a short documentary I shot about Fela featuring Sandra Izsadore, Seun Anikulapo Kuti, Lekan Animashaun, music by The Grand Priest