There is a vicious organized propaganda on WhatsApp aimed at destroying the Fulani people of Nigeria. This propaganda, covertly sponsored and distributed by the Biafra Movement, is laced with several vile and cruel videos and statements accusing the Fulani people of various sick acts.

The latest video making the rounds on WhatsApp is a video too vile to publish. It is a video of a man sodomizing a HORSE which was captioned as an HIV positive Fulani man having sex with a COW for the purpose of spreading AIDS.

Here is the caption

“HIV positive fulani’s are having sex with their cows in oder to Share the virus.

Pls share to expose their wicked deeds bc most of these Fulani’s are HIV Positive.We end up buying n eating danger with our own money”

Sadly I have a couple of friends that accept these statements and videos as true. To them I say self hate is a hell of a drug.