I curse the white man everyday for bringing Christianity and terrorism to Africa.

While the world’s attention is directed at Boko Haram, pastors and churches are preaching hate, violence and terrorism against President Buhari, Fulani Herdsmen and the Nigerian Muslim population. You see Christians are actively preaching and praying for the death of President Buhari a Fulani/Muslim.

Ogbeni Ayotunde & The Seriki Fulani of Ushafa

Ogbeni Ayotunde & The Seriki Fulani of Ushafa

This is how the Christians spread their propaganda and activate their terrorist sleeper cells. A jihad against President Buhari and the Fulani population of Nigeria.

This is the message I got from a friend who is from Cross River State.

“Pls, can you sacrifice just ONE MINUTE to pray this:

*#Any Nigerian politician who received a single Christian vote to come to power and yet is a sponsor of Jihad against Christians, a sponsor of elimination or subjugation of Christians in Nigeria – must not finish his term in office.*

*#We withdraw his mandate – in the name of Jesus!*

*#Let his seat reject him*.

*#We invoke the blood of the innocent to speak against him;*

*#We invoke the tears of the fatherless and widows to speak against him.#*

We want one million voices to cry to Heaven in this respect – for only one minute .

If you are too holy to pray this, God bless you. If you support this move, do your praying now and then send it out massively. This nonsense must stop. Children of God are precious species. We have a destiny to fulfil on earth. God did not create us to be wasted by evil men. That is why He called Himself the Lord of hosts. That is why He defends Israel and fight for them. If we don’t cry to Him for deliberate intervention, we would continue to suffer.
Pass this on.”

This is my reply to her:

Me: Nonsense
Her: Why
Me: Because it’s pure nonsense.