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If Trump is a racist then half the American voting population are racists too.

Everyone that crosses a U.S. border or born in the U.S. but not of Anglo-Saxon ancestry are automatically considered criminals and a threat to national security.

As a Nigerian I know the feeling of anxiety all too well every time I cross a U.S. border. I was recently subjected to a humiliating strip search at LAX by a Korean American ICE agent while his white supervisor supervised the process.

In the past they would use African American ICE agents to harass Africans at U.S. border entries, but the policy of pitching one minority group against another continues. The process can be humiliating and hostile with the sole purpose of making you feel not welcome to “God’s Own Country”.

This is the same feeling African American men have driving two or more deep through certain cities in Southern California like Culver City, Burbank, Glendale etc. A couple of days after the Rodney King beating by LAPD, I found myself surrounded by CHP and Santa Monica police on Santa Monica Blvd just because a white woman allergy I waved a gun at her on the 405 freeway.

My car was searched for guns, one of the officers even threatened to plant a gun in my car. He then told another officer to shoot me if I made any wrong move. Yeah I am hip to the fact that any “wrong” move could cost me my life.

By now there were about half a dozen police officers on the scene, a police helicopter flying above while I was securely handcuffed to an L.A. Times vending machine by the sidewalk. Now Trump wants this policy of “stop and frisk” for anyone a police officer deems suspicious Federal Law.

Humanity is color blind, there was this one anonymous white guy who kept driving by the scene, every time he drove by he would give me a reassuring head nod, a gesture that he got my back.

Guess what? I win the random search lottery every time I cross a U.S. border, heck I have watched them subject well respected former President of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings to a “just another nigger” treatment at BWI Airport.

Trump’s campaign is just an enhancement of long standing U.S. policy against non Anglo-Saxon people, you see he made an example of President Obama by casting doubt on his birthplace even though President Obama is already an outcast on paper solely for the color of his skin. – @OgbeniAyotunde

12 thoughts on “If Trump is a racist then half the American voting population are racists too.

  1. Hi Ogbeni, the title for your post is very co-incidental. Today it has been all over the media in Australia that a poll gave the result that 49% of Australians want a ban on Islamic migration. The Anglos are definitely up against a hostile world.

    1. Hey Phil, how did we get to this boiling point?

      1. Hi Ogbeni, I think that at bottom the cause is the deepening crisis of capitalism – which has been dominated by the Western, white nations. I remember reading about a Nazi rally in Germany before the last world war. From memory, it was addressed by Goebbels. Every time he screamed that the streets would ‘run with rivers of blood,’ the crowd bayed back their approval. What do you think is the cause?

  2. I’m sorry for what you experienced. Things are really bad here in the U.S. Protests occurring in Charlotte, North Carolina now over the shooting of a black man by a police officer.

    1. Thanks Erica, like Phil rightly said it is the effects of capitalism and capitalism breeds greed and hate. I really don’t understand the message they are sending by killing unarmed black men in the streets.

      1. It’s a very tragic state of affairs, Ogbeni.

  3. Ogbeni Ayotunde, it’s not about physiognomy it is about economics. As it was in the past so it is now and ever so shall it be with capitalist. Xenophobia is a constant symptom of falling capitalism followed by outright war against imagined enemy. Bros don’t we have same thing at home where religion and ethnicity have become instruments for manipulating the gullible poor citizens? .some of the things the Agrokorp is out to address. Come what may, Uncle Donald Trump is still the right guy.

    1. You are right Doc, what is happening at home is an extension of American capitalist policies which was implemented when the CIA assassinated Murtala Muhammed. Fela hipped us to how the CIA bought Obasanjo with a $1b loan to Nigeria mean’t for telephones (ITT). The $1b landed in the hands of Abiola for safe keeping……

  4. trump supports “shoot dead and frisk” i mean, “stop and frisk”..he’s a fat fuck like christie..and it will be because of all the “in the closet” racists of america why more good cops will be killed due to the criminal behavior of pig cops…”in the closet” racists americans who always side with pig cops need to ask themselves this very simple question, “up until last weekend when north carolina and tulsa, oklahoma happened…how many unarmed americans were killed by pig cops since those 2 black gunman killed all those good cops in dallas and baton rouge 3 months ago?” Answer: ZERO!!! which proves my point – poor white racist american trash on the welfare are the curse of america and the world!

  5. watch this video..explains everything about what is so wrong with america

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