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Peugeot 505 Salon, Lokoja, Kogi, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

Peugeot 505 Salon, Lokoja, Kogi, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

6 thoughts on “Peugeot 505 Salon, Lokoja, Kogi, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

  1. It would be great, if we got wider scenery pictures. These will/can become historical archives of the location or life at a moment in time. 2016 vs 2056.
    Also do you intend to provide access to your picures? or

    1. I currently license my images on Flickr through Getty Images or directly. I have published over 20,000 Nigerian images and over 800 documentaries, videos, short stories and editorials. I have also encountered tons of copyright infringement violations on my images by majority of the news organizations and bloggers in Nigeria who just download and use my images for commercial gain. The only organization in Nigeria that wrote for permission to use my images as learning tools was the Open University in Abuja.

      I am working on a project I call “Digital DNA” I intended to photograph the over 500 ethnic groups in Nigeria as a form of facial recognition open resource. Getting funding for such a project is next to impossible in Nigeria. Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa are the world’s only emerging market and utopia for creative minds. Hey why do you think Mark Zuckerberg quietly snuck into Nigeria? And watch us as usual hand him on a gold plate our resources.

      1. Please don’t mention that privacy whore. Seems the Pope may make him a Knight of Malta like Nelson Mandela, George Bush, Tony Blair..
        Anyway about Getty Images. Fuck em, they are also thieves. A recall a photographer taking them to court for infringement.

    2. Yep I have the feeling am getting pennies on the dollar from them. What do you think of the Ireland and Apple tax fraud issue with the EU? Every American corporation in Ireland is as corrupt as Ireland, the most corrupt member of the EU.

      American corporations Ireland, Avery Dennison and Accenture in Cork Ireland besides tax fraud are also involved in International Child Abduction.

  2. Apple are not alone. Google, Amazon, facebook? What are their tax arrangements like?
    In the UK the tax office conisders offshore accounts and off-shore registered businesses for the self employed or small business as tax evasion. The big boys have deeper pockets for lawyers and political friends.

    As far as I see it, the West has what I call hidden (sanitized) corruption. You see it very clearly, once you become a victim, or are around a victim. In your case Avery Dennison and Accenture.
    Since you story, I have become aware of child abuse cases in Scotland amd England. A police officer even came forward to say it happens…nothing. Absolutely nothing was done.

    You can imagine all the CEOS having wet dreams of their billion dollar self worth, only problem how to get there. So lie, commit fraud, steal children, bribe, sell poisons, exploit other beings all for shareholder value and the “billionaire” dream. Millioaire? old skool paupers. Billions baby, that the new measure.

    As for Ireland being the most corrupt?
    Nope, City of London is the centre of financial corruption. The East India Company that ravaged India, Americas and Africa came from England. HSBC drug money launderer is based in the City. Bankers caught doing mortgage, libor, gold, silver, forex frauds, all have bases/offices in the City of London.
    City of London = Financial cesspit!.
    The EU has said Apple committed a fraud. What does Madame May of the UK say? Hey! Apple come to the UK. To paraphrase – we like fraudsters.

    If you want to see occulted (hidden) slick, expert fraudsters and moral shitholes follow this trail:

    Vatican (Roman Catholic/Jesuit) child abusers -> British royalty (peadophile protectors) -> City of London/Bar Guild -> UK Parliament (another paedophile haven).

    Tie in all the Kights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Order of the Gartar, freemansons. You will marvel at the depth and coverage of the hidden corruption now being dragged into the light.

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