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Consciousness is the basis of human arrogance.

9 thoughts on “Consciousness is the basis of human arrogance.

  1. I would be interested to know why you think that.

    1. Peace Phil, Man has the highest level of consciousness amongst other primates, mammals and other animals. A consciousness we can react on which gives us “absolute power” over this planet. This consciousness also gives us civilization and the knowledge we are using to destroy the planet today, based on our religious or other affiliations, which is our consciousness.

      For instance what is happening in America today with the killing of black people is orchestrated by consciousness.

  2. Thanks Ogbeni, then what can be done towards solving the problem of consciousness?

    1. I used to believe the next generation will do better, then I listened to the Republican National Convention on radio, it blew my mind how it was used as a world stage to spew hate into the consciousness of next generation. At this point am not so sure my brother, please share your ideas with us.

  3. Thank you for your reply, Ogbeni.

    The one absolute is change. Only change ‘lasts.’

    The global crisis of capitalism is deepening – the GFC (which has not been resolved by all the tax-payers’ money thrown at it, now gone) is evidence of that.

    Capitalism replaced feudalism, what is to replace capitalism?

    Trotsky wrote that the people of the world can go one of two ways – either that of socialism or that of barbarism.

    A wonderful truth of dialectical materialism is that consciousness is the product of material circumstances, not the other way around. This has many implications.

    Both Trump and Sanders have risen to prominence on the basis of material circumstances – specifically, the problems of the US economy in a global environment.

    Trump and Sanders are only the start – others, reflecting further changes in those material circumstances will come after them.

    ‘The times’ (the level of development of the productive forces and the relations of production) summon forth the leaders, not the other way round.

    While the global capitalist class, led by the US capitalist class, is preparing for barbarism and is already waging war on the world, I think, for a number of reasons, that the nations of the world will become socialist.

    Engels wrote in a letter in 1894 that the very development that is now taking place in China (he saw it as the development of capitalism in China) will force the US and Europe to become socialist in order to keep up (compete) with China.

    What are your thoughts?

    Best wishes, Phil

    1. I thank you Phil, you are right. Do you think that also accounts for Brexit? What about India with a billion people? Then what happens to Africa when their resources are depleted fueling the Western World. There is a mad rush by the Chinese to capture all the resources in Sub Saharan Africa.

      If Trump wins he would have successfully exposed America and it’s democracy as Fela calls it “demonstration of craziness”. He would also continue the American tradition of taking whatever they need from the rest of the world by force using economic hit men, jackals and the military. Bernie was preaching from the book of socialism and no way in the history of man has your oppressor set you free out of the kindness of their heart.

      So a young kid joins the army and goes to Iraq, comes back to America after protecting the interests of people like Trump by killing millions of babies and families. They need housing, food, medical but they have people like Scott Baio telling them, in my Soup Nazi voice “No free stuff for you”


  4. Hello Ogbeni,

    Nation states are modern inventions – India, the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, the US. In my view, all of those unions were for economic reasons, e.g. the US Civil War was not fought to free the slaves but so that all workers could be ‘free’ as wage slaves who had to feed and clothe themselves. Wage slaves are more economical. The Civil War was driven by the dynamics of capitalism, by economic necessity, not the kindness of anyone’s heart.

    No sooner did the English spit the dummy with their Brexit vote than they regretted it. The EU too was formed out of economic necessity.

    The problems of capitalism cannot be solved within nation states, they require international responses.

    The 1% who ruthlessly rule under capitalism behind the facade of capitalist democracy (anything that truly threatened their interests they would do all in their power to crush) have never been so exposed – this is behind the Brexit vote, behind the support for Trump (and for Sanders) and behind the growing support for ‘minor’ parties in Australia etc.

    Black ops, psy ops, drones, satellites that can open a can of Coke from outer space etc. can only put off the inevitable.

    Not only can nothing stop change, the very actions (particularly military) of international capital, led by the US capitalist class (and supported by their deputy sheriff, the Australian capitalist class) are the vehicles for that change, ultimately against the interests of that class.

    Global socialism will eventuate (after much more suffering), not because I or anybody else likes the idea, but because of necessity.

    Best wishes, Phil

    1. Thank you Phil, Thank you!

  5. Thank you too, Ogbeni and my best wishes to you!

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