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Ibadan Woman

Ibadan Woman

Ibadan woman with tribal marks and tattoos in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.


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  1. Through your California connections (which I know you have JUJU – you flew there not so long ago and praised their camera stores out there) do you know any actors, that is, actresses and actors who live in the Hollywood of old? Why don’t you go home and help change things instead of carrying with a deadwood blog which is not functioning very well as it is not gettng alot of likes – or are you doing it to download and exchange photo’s with your old enemy Goodluck Jonathan who must know your name by now – God knows I’ve seen it quoted around here JUJU. So watch yourself and get home, brother, and see to it you get out of harms way for a few months – you’ve got all the info you need now go! B (ANC)

  2. If someone perceives that you had an influence on the elections or someone’s readershp such that the President lost the election, then you will be faced with Years of hardship if they get you. I know, I did it in two elections here in Britain (both Labour wins which I contributed massively too) and it took years of my life to get back together again and figure out what was going on. Now you need money so that you can protect yourself and the interests of your family back at home, sons are finite commodities. It will be the best for you – you are not going to miss a shot – now get going before some Prince denounces you as they’re inclined to do if ruptured and threatened with a little simple slavery, you know?

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