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God is unstable. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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  1. If you really think this is true.. I am sorry. The real culprit is satan who portrays himself as an angel of light. He is a master of deception and darkness.. all evil and he works in the minds of people as in possession and control. I think I have shared my thoughts before. People in general do all manner of things and often we don’t make right, good or healthy choices.. and if we do it is not God’s fault….

    1. Peace Mother Hen, in my culture there is no satan. The concept of satan is European. What you refer to as satan is Esu.

      Esu is the giver and taker of blessings and actually the god in charge of the world.

      The Old Testament spoke about how angry God would get, God was not peaceful.

      Good and evil is a religious concept and a control tool, everything is relative.

      Jesus is not who is portrayed to be in the New Testament, he was actually a rebel rouser who was a thorn in the ass of the establishment.

      Jesus and his people were under Roman occupation during his lifetime. He spoke and acted against the bad practices of his people who eventually conspired and had him nailed to a cross.

      The Old Testament spoke about the human sacrifices made in the name of God. Today the core of Christianity is the ritual practice of eating the body and drinking the blood of Jesus.

      When the Roman Empire took down Egypt with the assistance of Moses the chief spy. (The let my people go and Red Sea opening up to let “God’s people” escape the Pharaoh and “bad people” of Egypt)

      From there Rome reemerged in America. The concept of one God (the master’s god) New World Order and the Manifest Destiny.

      The bible was released to the world about 600yrs ago as the constitution of the New World.

      1. I guess we can agree to disagree.. My relationship with my Father.. Son and Holy Spirit bring me peace, joy and thanksgiving for life and the blessings that come my way.. Just looking at the beauty is amazing… Peace be to you as well…

  2. I am, thank you JUJU!

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