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Frying akara, street food, Ilaje, Osun, Nigeria.

Woman frying akara in Ilaje, Osun, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

Frying akara, street food, Ilaje, Osun State, Nigeria. #JujuFilms 

13 thoughts on “Frying akara, street food, Ilaje, Osun, Nigeria.

  1. what is Akara? Is it meat? Is it delicious?

    1. It’s bean cake, red beans mixed with spices, palm oil into a purée and fried in peanut or vegetable oil. It is a Yoruba snack food

    2. Btw bro it is delicious am snacking on one as we speak. A good source of protein

      1. LOL! now i’m gettin hungry..this weekend i’m gonna try to find some akara in nyc and taste..sounds like it’s some real delicious “munchies” food 🙂

      2. Lol try Buka in Brooklyn or any Nigerian market they have it in powdered form. Just add water and spices

      3. sweet..i’m going down to flatbush this weekend to puff out with some friends..then i’ll pick some buka up.. 🙂

      4. Damn brother I could use some Cali sativa right about now

      5. Bro real munchies food lol

      6. LOL 😉

      7. Sometimes I make a sandwich with it.

      8. this weekend, i’m gonna make a REAL huge sandwich with BUKA… 🙂

      9. Pictures pls

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