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Nigerian Cattle, Keteku, Ushafa Village, FCT, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

Nigerian Cattle (Keteku)

The Keteku, Kataku, Kajama, Norgawa or Borgu cattle is a natural crossbreed between Muturu and the white Fulani Zebu with some N’Dama.


7 thoughts on “Nigerian Cattle, Keteku, Ushafa Village, FCT, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

  1. Nigerian cattle resemble Texas cattle in USA. That’s so very interesting to me. Thanks.
    Peace to you.

    1. Peace Sheila, are Texas cattle allowed to graze for miles like those in Nigeria which keeps them lean. I understand in California it is now illegal to inject livestock and poultry animals with steroids. Is the Longhorn native to Texas?

      1. Peace Ogbeni Ayotunde. Texas cattle are not allowed to graze outside the fences of their owners so they may be able to graze for long or short distances – depending upon the size of the ranch that owns them. There are no public roads that allow for any livestock meanderings and grazings.
        I believe the Longhorn is native to Texas – it is certainly the most famous of the brands of cattle in Texas.
        The mascot of my alma mater the University of Texas in Austin is a longhorn steer named Bevo.

    2. Peace Sheila, the Fulani, a nomadic people in Nigeria have bred cattle for centuries and would graze their cattle for hundreds of miles on foot state to state and sometimes crossing borders to other West African countries. It is a normal sight in Nigeria to see cattle on public roads and highways following the rains in search of good grazing.

      Since the Fulani are nomadic they don’t have ranches like in Texas which often brings them in conflict with private landowners. The Hausa/Fulani are famous for their open flame beef grilling called Suya.

      1. Aha…quite a difference! And so very informative. Thanks so much!

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