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Igbira Woman Roadside Hawking

Igbira Woman Roadside Hawking

Igbira woman roadside hawking in Kogi State Nigeria.


4 thoughts on “Igbira Woman Roadside Hawking

  1. Don’t get me wrong, Ogbeni, but HOW does everyone keep their clothing so clean, in the absence of the western aids – washing machines, piped water etc…..even the children, their clothing always seems bright and clean?

    1. No doubt, washing clothes is part of the household chore in Nigeria. I remember when I was in boarding school Saturdays was washing day. The average Nigerian would have Washermen come in and do the laundry or its done by the maid or houseboy. The average rich Nigerian would have a valet or Washerman as part of the household staff. In terms of water most households in Nigeria self sustain by providing their own utilities, water from boreholes and electricity from gasoline or diesel generators, inverters or solar.

      1. Great. Thank you Ayotunde!!

    2. Btw got to meet your soccer team and coaching staff (they gave me some Olympic pins) at the Special Olympics World Games in LA, cool kids like their war paint South Africa and Burkina Faso came all out to support the Nigerian team beat Russia to win the gold medal.

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