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Palm oil traders in Isarun, Osun, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

Palm Oil Traders Osun State Nigeria

Palm oil traders, Roadside MarketIsarun, Osun State, Nigeria#JujuFilms

6 thoughts on “Palm oil traders in Isarun, Osun, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

  1. I’m curious – Nigeria has the second largest economy in Africa – it can’t all be just oil – do you have access to other industries for some pics?

    1. Peace Bruce, I believe Nigeria surpassed South Africa’s economy to become the largest economy in Africa last year this with a second tier micro economy, a very large informal market. I believe Nigeria spends almost 80% of GDP to feed the government.

      Ah the curse of the oil or the red herring, I can tell you over 80% of the Nigerian population including me couldn’t tell you where an oil field is in Nigeria or have benefited from that resource. Ask anyone and they will point to the Niger Delta.

      Before oil was discovered in Nigeria the country was built on the agriculture sector most especially cocoa which was featured prominently on our currency. The first skyscraper in tropical Africa is Cocoa House in Ibadan built in 1965, there is also the Cocoa Research Institute. A lot of Europeans and Americans grew up on chocolate made from Nigerian cocoa.

      Brings me to the Palm oil industry in Ondo State, my dad became the Officer in Charge of the oil palm plantation in Lomiro after the British colonials stepped down. Nigeria was the largest producer of palm oil when my dad was in charge up until the late 1960’s when Indonesia and Malaysia took the lead. Coincidentally they acquired their starter plants from Nigeria.

      Nigeria also has a healthy rubber industry, cattle, grains, soy, many other natural resources and a manufacturing industry that became the Chinese manufacturing model . I find it amazing that Nigeria could even be a strong economy with years of chronic corruption.

      1. Salaam my brother. Thank you. Excellent dialogue.

      2. Don’t forget the groundnut pyramids of Kano! Cocoa, Palm Oil , Rubber, what don’t we have in that great country of ours? If only we could look beyond our differences, to what the outside world thinks of us, and use our strengths to make Nigeria as great as it can be!

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