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Siro Shinkafa

Siro Shinkafa

Eggon girl hawking Siro Shinkafa in Nasarawa Eggon, Nigeria


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  1. That is a beautiful picture!!

  2. What is siro shinkafa, please?

    1. Peace, siro shinkafa is a staple Hausa breakfast meal, made with millet and rice and sometimes left to ferment overnight.

      1. Sounds like a cross between injera, oatmeal and rice pudding! Is it served with milk? Sorry. I am insatiably curious.

    2. Yes you are exactly right about the combination. It is served with milk.

    3. In Southern Nigeria (Yorubas) use corn as well for breakfast meal. It is called Ogi, it has the consistence of rice pudding. The other is Eko a solid form of Ogi cooked wrapped in leaves. Ogi is normally eaten with fried bean cake. I attended boarding school in Ibadan and we had Ogi and Akara (bean cake) for breakfast. I will post images and videos soon as I catalog the recipes of ethnic Nigerian meals.

  3. Sweet Pic!! 🙂

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