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Nigerian Railway Corporation Langa Langa Station

Nigerian Railways Langa Langa Station

Nigerian Railway Corporation (Langa Langa Station) was established in1898 when the British colonial government laid the first rail tracks in Nigeria.


11 thoughts on “Nigerian Railway Corporation Langa Langa Station

  1. This is so cool! I happen to like trains and old train stations have much character…

  2. Are the lines all still operating?

    1. I regret not all the lines and stations are operating. I remember as a 14yr old riding the train with a couple of friends from Ibadan to Zaria to take a placement exam at Amadu Bello University (ABU) the experience was romantic.

      1. Trains can be fun. It’s a pity they’re not all still operating, it’s such a good way to transport things & people.

      2. Wow, that train ride would have been at least 35 years ago😳

    2. I plan on setting up a non profit this year to lobby the Nigerian government to revitalize the rail sector and make it a viable mode of transportation. You can’t imagine the thousands of lives that can be saved from dangerous Nigerian roads and highways.

      Nigerian roads and highways are littered with exploded oil transport tankers and overturned trucks carrying shipping containers. Trains can be a safer and effective way of transporting such materials.

      1. What an excellent idea, I wish you luck with it.

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