Buhari Presidential Campaign Rally 2015 (Kano)

“To say that the President should not run in this election and that he should throw in the towel is absurd and self-depreciating,”

“It is a manifestation of the morbid fear of failure and defeat that the leaders of the opposition are all suffering from.”

“Whether Soludo and his friends like it or not, not only will President Goodluck Jonathan run in this election, but he will also win and he will do so convincingly,”

“I read Charles Soludu’s contribution to the debate with amusement. I will be gentle with him because I have a soft spot for him. He has criticized the President, his government and his handling of the economy,”

“Mr. Soludo is confused and conflicted. He seems to have lost touch with reality and this is what often happens when you spend too much time with the Buharists.”

“The truth is that Soludo is far too educated, civilized and advanced to be in the opposition. He belongs to the modern age and not the dark ages. I pray that sooner than later he comes to his senses and he sees the light.”

“One thousand Muhammadu Buhari cannot match one Goodluck Jonathan in terms of tolerance, compassion, performance or output. Buhari cannot even begin to understand the complex nature of the economy, or the immense problems that we are facing in this country, whilst Jonathan not only understands them, but is also making a gallant effort at solving them.” – Femi Fani-Kayode – Spokesperson & Media Consultant for President Goodluck Jonathan Reelection Campaign in reaction to criticism by former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria Charles Soludo of the Jonathan administration.

Charles Soludo gave the administration an ‘F’ grade for its woeful management of the economy the last 5years, describing it as the worst in Nigeria’s political history.