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Nigerian Goat

Nigeria Goat

Nigerian Goat
Langa Langa, Nasarawa State Nigeria


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  1. My friend, you should say African goat, we have those same ones in my country. Moreover, this is a little one.

    1. There are goats native to Nigeria including The Nigerian Dwarf goat a miniature dairy goat breed of West African ancestry. Originally brought to the United States on ships as food for large cats such as lions, the survivors originally lived in zoos. Nigerian Dwarf goats are popular as pets and family milkers due to their easy maintenance and small stature. However, because of their high butterfat, they are also used by some dairies, such as Pholia Farm Creamery, to make cheese. They are registered by the American Dairy Goat Association, the American Goat Society, and the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association.

      1. Thank you for the very good information. Just to say that they have the same goats in neighboring countries Cameroon and Benin, and just because people say Nigerian Dwarf Goat, it could naturally also be found in neighboring countries, given that African countries’ current boundaries were not the same 60 -100 years ago

    2. You are welcome Dr. Y, you are right in terms of the redrawing of African empire borders by the colonials and the fact that you find the same goats in neighboring countries which is only natural. The fact remains they are native to the area known as Nigeria today just as you will find Yoruba people in Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Cuba, Haiti, Gulah Island South Carolina the list go on the fact still remains Yorubas are from Nigeria.

  2. Goats na goat …. we go chop am

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