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Igbo Chief, Ugo 1 of Pyakasa, Abuja, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

Ugo 1

Ugo 1 of Pyakasa @ Igbo New Yam Festival, Pyakasa, FCT Abuja,Nigeria. #JujuFilms

4 thoughts on “Igbo Chief, Ugo 1 of Pyakasa, Abuja, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

  1. I cannot keep my eyes off his shoes in this photo. They are marvelously clean and shiny for the surrounding ground conditions.

    1. He is the High Chief of the Igbo community in Pyakasa so he must present himself well

    2. Well spotted. That is what we called ‘yami tuka tuka’ meaning ‘photo me head to toe.’ The chief isn’t doing the cleaning so it is of no concern to him what the condition of his surrounding was.

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