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The Village Idiot

No doubt leading Nigeria could drive a drinking man drunk. So after partying one too many times on the finest grapes and yak from France and Napa Valley, California. President Goodluck Jonathan flies with his groupies to German on R&R (sleep it off).

The official mouthpiece Reuben Abati announced that Mr. President is in Germany to rest, and for a routine medical visit. Now if you live in the number one crib in Nigeria am assuming you are trying to get away from all the laps of luxury in Aso Rock, to get your hands dirty farming and enjoying your village “Fresh Air” like you promised Nigerians 4 years ago, not sticking the Nigerian people with another party bill in Germany with your groupies.

Only in Nigeria can the President routinely rest in Europe and America like it is part of the Nigerian constitution while his people rest under bridge in Ojuelegba, Lagos.

So the President’s mouthpiece boldly announces the President is on a routine medical visit in an undisclosed hospital in Germany. Bet you my bottom Naira Angela Merkel, Barack Obama or any foreign leader for that matter will never fly into Nigeria for routine medical attention.

University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan or Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Lagos are not good enough to treat Mr. President of any ailments that may be afflicting him, this in the same Nigeria where brave hearts like Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh and nurse Obi Justina Ejelonu gave up their lives saving Nigeria from the Ebola virus. | Ogbeni Ayotunde


8 thoughts on “The Village Idiot

  1. Today I can only say that I am reading your post and grateful for the information and perspective.

    1. Thank you Hattie

  2. A true story! Sadly this probably applies to most African states and their presidents (*perhaps* bar Botswana?).

  3. So many suffer while the few live a realm of wealth & a rhapsody of luxury. Even in Canada, many of the indigenous First Nations live in third world conditions.

  4. May God save us from us! Our so-called rulers careless about the masses. All our institutions are downtrodden.

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