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I noticed the majority of people in Los Angeles County homeless community have pet dogs. I assume this is because they have lost trust in their fellow man.
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  1. I went in a camping last week with a lot of rich persons with huge winnebago and caravans. They all have pet dogs… ūüėČ

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  2. Funny. In the UK, it USED to be and probably still is a fact that the homeless/unemployed get a very slight increase in dole for the feeding of a single dog, which of course can survive on scraps. And of course for those with Mental Health disorders (often this implies vulnerable and homeless) dogs are therapeutic.

    1. Totally Bioman, what I have observed in the US especially in Los Angeles is dogs are trusted companions for the homeless. While doing research for a documentary I lived on the streets of LA for a period of time and it’s crazy how the homeless are treated. Eli and Edith Brod just opened their new museum of contemporary art on Grand street in downtown LA to display their art Warhol etc with an endowment of &200m and just a few blocks away is Skidrow

      1. It’s getting bad here in the UK – with the so-called austerity, JJ, there have been suicides and deaths through the government’s “fitness for work” assessments while the bankers are laughing. “Everyone is better off working” apparently, it will even heal you?

  3. And have you heard of the Club Prime Minister Cameron was a member of Рtradition is to light a £50 note in front of a homeless person. And trash restaurants.

    1. Wow Pope Francis was able to use that to scold conservative leaders making the Speaker of the House weep and turn in his resignation. Although I believe Pope Francis was very masterful at deflecting attention from the sexual molestation and Vatican Bank issues

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