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Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney “Iraq invasion was the absolute right thing to do”. Dick Cheney is the definition of how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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2 thoughts on “Dick Cheney

  1. Dick Cheney, never has a ‘name’ fit a personality better, what a “dick”

  2. Sadly, US history is littered with people in powerful positions taking advantage.
    -Almost any US President up to 1880 for their treatment of Native Americans.
    -President McKinley and his ridiculous excuse for the Spanish American War.
    -President Wilson for his use of mustard gas during World War I.
    -President Roosevelt for his imprisonment of tens of thousands of US citizens of Japanese descent in World War II.
    -President Truman for authorization to use atomic weaponry and intervention in Korea.
    -President Johnson for carpet bombing in Vietnam.
    -President Bush I for intervention in Kuwait.
    -President Bush II for intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Sadder still, the Republicans and Democrats seem to take turns on doing these things. I attribute these all to progressivism and the politics of greed. One of these days (I hope) the American populace will rekindle their brains and keep these people out of power.

    Then again, maybe that is wishful thinking. I hope not.

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