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Clay Huts (Grain Silo)

Clay Hut (Grain Silo)

Clay Huts (Grain Silo) | Ushafa Village is popularly known as Bill Clinton Village after former US President Bill Clinton visited the village in 2000. He was given the traditional chieftaincy title of ‘Dan Masanin Ushafa’ meaning ‘the most educated man of Ushafa’ and citizenship of the village |  #BillClinton #JujuFilms #ClayHut #Ushafa #Nigeria

5 thoughts on “Clay Huts (Grain Silo)

  1. Do people actually live in huts that small?

  2. I think it’s a grain store, isn’t it, hence the high small door, the clay body and iron sheet roof some defence against rodents and insect crop pests.

    1. You are right Tish it is a silo

  3. Really cool photo.

    1. Thank you

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