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Scrap The NAACP

Most African Americans will tell you the NAACP is a shadow organization that has absolutely nothing to do with the advancement of black people. They were days away from handing Donald Sterling an award, this to a guy who is famous for having a “NO BLACKS” policy at his rental properties.

It is obvious that Donald Sterling paid off some clowns at the NAACP. This same clowns for the right dollar will hand the Imperial Kludd of the local Klan chapter an award. I believe Rev. Al Sharpton who is also scheduled to receive an award from the NAACP turn it down with extreme prejudice.

2 thoughts on “Scrap The NAACP

  1. The NAACP is one of several American political groups whose longevity depends on an unrestricted flow of funds with the expected endorsements in return. Like other long standing American political groups, they too had their halcyon days of honor, now long long past.

    1. Right on point Von

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