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After high school I was suppose to attend Ogun State Polytechnic in Abeokuta but due to some kind of mishap in the admissions office some records were destroyed which delayed the semester. So at the risk of getting into more trouble at home my mom sent in my application for college in Madison Wisconsin.

I remember having only a week to prepare, prepare as in what to wear. This was no problem cause I had it all figured out you see my dad was very trendy and wore some of the most amazing tailor made suits. I went through his wardrobe picked out a blue pinstripe, double breasted, gabardine suit and took it to my tailor to have it altered and fitted.

When my brother picked me up at the airport in Madison he broke out laughing "is that Papa’s suit". He and his friend couldn’t stop laughing at "little man with the big head". No doubt my ‘fro was off the chain.