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The RIM Blackberry Offer

When you insist on using a typewriter in a Mac world you are bound to pay a price for your bold ignorance. When you sit on your hands and rejoice over yesterday’s glory all you will have is yesterday’s glory.

RIM Blackberry many will rightly argue are dying from many self inflicted wounds. With BBM apps finally available on iPhone and Android platforms you will think BBM is finally making the right moves for the right reasons.

Seems to me that RIM Blackberry is bowing out of the hardware game and again trying to milk what is left of their BBM tits. So am making a public offer to buy RIM Blackberry for 100 Naira and project a 30% share of the mobile media market in 5 years. My first move as owner of RIM is to relocate the corporate headquarters from Canada to Lagos Nigeria.

Ogbeni Ayotunde

One thought on “The RIM Blackberry Offer

  1. Sometime in August, BLackberry put itself up for sale so am not surprised at this Latest move of having BB on Android smartphones. Desperate bid to remain in Business, it’s allowed.

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