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The Nigerian Subdivision

The colonials took advantage of the diversity in Nigerians to subdivide us. When you continue to divide a people they will never add up to a whole nation. One nation rich in the diversity of the Igala, the Awori, the Nupe, the Idoma, the Igbira, the Calabar, the Yoruba, the Fulani, the Gwari, the Igbo, the Hausa, the Ijebu, the Edo, the Ijesa, the Ekiti, the Egba, the Ondo, the Benin, the Ijaw, the Ishekiri, the Igbomina, the Oyo…. – @OgbeniAyotunde

2 thoughts on “The Nigerian Subdivision

  1. Let’s just hope we as nigerians find ways to view our diversity as an opportunity for unification and hence strengthening cos at the rate we are going, it seems like only a matter of time b4 cultural egocentricism and the ever present “we-they”, “ours-theirs” mentality drives us to ruin.

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