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Igbo Mother And Babies by Artist Sincerlor.

Via Flickr:
I will be putting up for auction this painting of Igbo Mother And Babies painted by artist Sincelor in Cotonou Benin to help in the fight against legalized child marriages, child abuse, and for women’s rights in Nigeria. We cannot stand around and continue to watch. This painting hangs with other original paintings of my work in my Abuja Nigeria studio.

An auction is planned for a future date in Lagos, Nigeria. For now open bids and offers are been accepted.

6 thoughts on “Igbo Mother And Babies by Artist Sincerlor.

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    1. Thank you I will

    2. I can’t afford to buy at auction, how about a charitable donation to buy lawyers or whatever to stop psychopathic Nigerian from ruining the reputation of Nigeria as a modern and forward thinking country in Africa… heck… the world.

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