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Sacrificial Lamb

A friend in Nigeria was surprised that African Americans are not out in the streets rioting and causing all kinds of havoc and mayhem in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict. I told him the thought never crossed my mind as I witnessed the growth of the African American community in one generation
Sitting in a Starbucks writing this article I just so happen to be listening in on a conversation between two caucasian gentlemen about the Trayvon Martin case and another surprise at how the verdict did not result in a race riot. “I mean where are the riots” one asked the other to which he answered ” They have just been peaceful protests” he went on to correct his friend that Al Sharpton did not call for riots in the streets as his friend had implied.
I have also been offered the opinion that Chicago averages over 21 gun murders monthly and that there is some kind of political gain for President Barack Obama because Al Sharpton is not out in the streets of Chicago everyday protesting the murder rate. Seems to me this gentleman is trying to pick what battles Al Sharpton should fight.
The killing of young African Americans is not a new dimension in their playbook. The practice is as old as the slave trade. In the last 2 decades there have been one too many Trayvon Martin, Christopher Wallace and Tupac Shakur.
You ask why the bounty on the blood of young African Americans? Simple, the last form of control they have is the gun. Religion, drugs, prison, police, disease, colonization all failed. So to keep guns you need to have gun laws validated with the blood of the one you fear. The keepers of these laws is the NRA. You make laws against those you feel threatened by and you kill those you fear.
Back to why I did not expect violence from the African American community. It is in the African tradition not to fight violence with violence The Rodney King Beat down by LAPD already proved to the world that African Americans are not the aggressors but victims of this system.
The African American community grew stronger and wiser from the Rodney King experience by raising a generation of thinkers totally contradicting the image projected of the young violent black man. Yet they continue to inflict unjust violence on them.
Ogbeni Ayotunde


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  1. First of all Zimmermann to me is not a white guy. He is a mixed race. He would never be considered a white guy here in Europe. Second I read that 93 percent of black guys in America are killed by the black guys. I know from my own experience that my black friends never have any legal issue nor they are experiencing any problems when they stay in the white circle of friends. As a white European I have more problems to find a job as a person of a different race in UK. The same as black friends here experience some racial issue I experienced it too…absolutely the same way. I would also say it is rather about your attitude than color. As long as black people or whatever other people know how to behave there is no way they are going to experience any racial or hate issue. White people have it equally hard as black people when they behave like crap. The strangest thing is that in UK Ive seen loads of white folks to be homeless. It was never a black person to be homeless. There is more probability that a black person is going to receive more help than a white person. And I can see that all around Europe now. Apart that I think it is a bit too late to talk about slavery and all this. As an Eastern European I also know what does it mean to be poor or hated. But I also know that when I behave in a normal way no one is going to hate me. I am tired to be blamed for black peoples issues. I think every ethnicity has its own behavioral issues and many times they behave in a horrible way. And instead of blaming others for it, you should rather blame yourself. Yes the white western guy is often very arrogant. But at the same time these guys achieved a lot because they are smart. They are smart and they work very very hard. I know some of them dont but their life is shit or they r very few lucky ones. So if you want to improve your life be smart too. Stop blaming your criminality on the white guys. Trayvon Martin was a criminal himself. If you are criminal going on the streets with gun well one day this thing might happen to you too. I also have to say that many black people are horrible racists themselves and lazy emotional asses. I cannot even watch MTV anymore because most of the time I see black guys talking about GANGSTAs Bitches and sex… And in fact most of the people on this planet are racists, whether they r black, or white, or they are coming from Latin America or China or Japan…. What is the most ridiculous thing that when someone like Manning, Assange or Snowden expose corruption and crime of our governments no one is going to fight for them. I suppose in case they would be black they would have more support. Dont get me wrong but this racial blame game is totally lame and I even dare to say they made it on purpose just to divide people because they are enough stupid to believe this crap.

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