Like it or not the Lakers are in a rebuilding situation. Kobe Bryant is 35 years old and a proven selfish player through his career. Nash, Gasol, MWP, Blake all in the twilight of their careers.

The Lakers have to trade Kobe to begin the process of getting back to championship contention. And no LeBron James will not sign with the Lakers. LeBron James promised the Miami fans multiple championships, he has 2 so far for them.

I have been a Laker fan since the days of Magic Johnson and this year I have watched the Lakers do what an elite basketball club like the Los Angeles Lakers should never do. A Jerry West managed Laker club will never bring themselves to the shameless and unnecessary begging of Dwight Howard.

Dwight Howard should know by now he will never win a ring with the “Mamba” and will be a damn fool not to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

Ogbeni Ayotunde