Yesterday’s Billboard Music Awards show proved how easy it is to make billions of dollars selling crap. Millions of dollars to “singers” lip syncing to live tracks. A friend and I wondered why they didn’t just record live vocals during rehearsals as oppose to looking like fools dancing and lip syncing to studio recorded vocals. One of them almost knocked out a couple of ladies in the audience jumping across the stage without missing a breath or beat.

So this is what I am saying these guys are actors not singers, from Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift it’s all Disney show business. Then we had to be subjected to the excruciating pain of watching Jennifer Lopez make as ass of herself. Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne made their point he bought Nicki Minaj a new ass for the benefit of a lap dance, great point to make to impressionable kids around the world.

I will tell you this much no black artist can get away with that garbage from Musiq Soulchild and Bilal to Jaguar Wright and Erykah Badu. You see they made the story of the greatest musician from Africa into a Broadway Disney story. Like they say they saved the best for last, the great genius The Artist Formally Known As Prince showed the world how it’s done.