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Get That Dog Off My Lawn

Since its creation America has struggled with the concept of freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from religion, freedom from government, individual freedom.

So the Europeans came to this land under the guise of freedom to practice their religion. This at the expense of the lives of millions of indigenous inhabitants, their continent and millions of Africans and their continent. Then there is the hypocrisy, religious prejudice with their eyes wide shut.

Majority of the wars fought by man has been over religion although they are shadowed by political or economic ramifications. Most know that the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Mali, Nigeria, Chechnya are religious wars yet the powers that be swear otherwise, they say all religions are peaceful while the young are sacrificed in a war to defend God. Islam is the way of Christ so we rally round the flag

Difference deemed a sin so Jason Collins confesses to the world his homosexuality, with expectations of forgiveness or understanding? Those that don’t understand or forgive now deemed the sinners.

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