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The LeBron James Promise

Magic Johnson and Micheal Wilbon ESPN / NBA analysts pointed out how LeBron James current and 4 time MVP is seen less in television commercials than Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant or even his Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade. This besides the fact that LeBron James has major sponsors, endorsements and a lucrative contract with Miami Heat.

In this same commentary Magic and Wilbon pointed out how after LeBron won a ring last season, he played in the Summer Olympics, went to Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon’s camp in Houston to work on his game. A committed father and humanitarian.

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The point Magic and the rest of the ESPN / NBA analysts were trying to make is that LeBron should be making more money and be seen more on television, typical. These talking heads forgot that when LeBron promised to win multiple rings when he signed with the Miami Heat they laughed at time. Obliviously LeBron did not forget.

So in this era of reality television, big bling, big money and big talk it is refreshing to see a man who’s word is bond.