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Gun Nation

If the planet is waiting for Americans to come to a collective understanding that guns increases the  murder rate, chances are that hell will freeze over first before the 2nd Amendment. 

 The core fabric of America was founded on gun violence. The blood of millions of natives that was violently sacrificed and the blood of millions of Africans that was spilled for this land that is now your land cannot be erased by the fairy tales of Christian pilgrims coming here in peace. 

2 thoughts on “Gun Nation

  1. Baloney. The natives were just as big of murderers as anyone. Some were cannibals too. As to slavery, get over it – it is done and all are dead, masters and slaves alike. Get over, it is no longer a valid excuse. The only “plantation” today is the blacks who think that the Democrats are their friend and vote for them.

    Oh, and one other thing. Africans in Africa were big into slavery too. They are the ones that sold the ancestors of American slaves into slavery in the first place, and they sold a ton more to Muslims too. Matter of fact, Africa is one of the few places that _still_ practices slavery.

    Some of my ancestors fought in the Civil War to end slavery, so stop trying to a guilt trip on me. I am not buying it.


  2. Re the 2nd A and guns, you are right. In my opinion, the govt is creating false flag events to gain our sympathy for those killed, which will hopefully lead to govt eradication on guns. But this will never work. Without guns, any nation is powerless. And then, who will have the guns, the govt???? This will never happen.

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